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Developing A Successful Sign Strategy for Commercial Developments

By April 9, 2021Blog

Commercial developments are a big undertaking. Any big project requires a strategy to achieve maximum success.

The Right Sign At The Right Time

You already know that your development requires sign design, but did you know it will need a variety of signs depending on what stage of development you are at? For example, a “Coming soon” sign can pique curiosity and let neighboring businesses know there’s a new kid in town. If it’s a beloved chain you’re opening, these marketing teasers will get fans of your brand excited and help boost business by word-of-mouth.

Of course, construction and safety signs are also essential at a commercial development site. With all signs, it’s imperative that you consider your location and match the size of your sign to the surrounding buildings and structures. You’ll also want to consider elements like landscaping and parking.

Match the size of your sign to the surrounding buildings

Understanding The Characteristics Of Sign Location

Sign design is an art form — a complex one. There are a multitude of factors to consider when you’re strategizing your commercial development. This includes whether your sign is interior or exterior. An interior environment is much more controlled, whereas an exterior sign is more multi-faceted. You will want to factor in the weather in your area, as signs need to be able to withstand the elements. Hot sun, in particular, can fade a sign, while strong winds can cause extensive damage. The ground surface is another key factor in sign design. When you allow adequate prep-time, you then ensure that you use the best materials and the most efficient installation method for your environment.

A sign management program can take care of all your signage needs. This includes surveys and service right on through to installation and any repairs that your sign might require after it’s been installed.

If you’re looking for a sign management program, call Martino Signs today to find out about our full-service sign company.