About Us

About Us

Martino Signs, Inc.

Martino Signs was born out of a love for street art and graffiti and slowly grew into a full-service family-owned sign company with over 40 years of experience. In a world full of signage, you need to make sure that your signs stand out. As a successful graffiti artist, David Martino knows how to break through the noise.

Our introduction into the sign industry came from being commissioned to hand paint custom storefront signs for local businesses throughout West Philadelphia. As interest grew, so did the projects, and so did our curiosity for increasing our skill set to meet every signage need that a client may have. Regardless of industry, signage is a time-tested branding tool, and we had to grow as artists to meet new technical, construction, and creative demands, as well as understand codes, zoning laws, permitting and all the administrative aspects that go into managing signs for a business.

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What sets us apart is our unique understanding of every aspect of the sign industry. Every sign has a purpose, every business has a unique voice; it is our job to find that voice and create a complete signage strategy. We began expanding our creative tools and acquiring a deeper understanding of how to make great signage. We learned how to weld and manipulate materials to create sculptural signage. We took a deep dive into electrical engineering, building, and design, and how it all works together to create a cohesive and recognizable brand. Simultaneously, each individual sign still serves the right purpose and function to enhance the customers’ experience. Great signage is a tricky balance of aesthetics, function, and purpose, and our understanding of construction and visual storytelling allows us to meet every challenge.

Whether you’re a small local business looking to breakthrough in your local market, or a nationally recognized company looking to maintain your already established brand integrity, our signs always exceed expectation.

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