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At Martino Signs, we have established relationships with large everyday companies such as AMC, CVS, WAWA, Live Nation, Lankenau Hospital, Johnson Mathey. Being the #1 leading cutting edge Sign Maker, we set the industry standard as a Sign Creator.

Live Nation: Our team steps up to the plate to make sure the graphics and signage are ready and displayed on a timely fashion for all the big shows and events. We supply a wide variety of signs, advertisements, promotional items and directories. We pride ourselves on supplying every event with exceptional and informative products for our sponsors and their patrons.

Lankenau Hospital: Many hospitals campus’s or facilities rely on signs from everything to identification to wayfinding and information. Signs are a vital component for the navigation of patrons and visitors. Martino Signs makes sure all directional, wayfinding and ADA signage is properly placed to ADA codes and are as informative as possible.

Johnson Matthey: Many of our clients have multiple locations locally and nationally. We provide product branding to ensure all signage is uniform and consistent.

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