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Large Scale Sign Design, Construction, Installation, and Management for Property Developers

By April 2, 2021Blog

When you open a new business, you have very little time to make a strong first impression. Think of your signage and logo as a calling card.

It’s All About The Planning

Powerful signage can mean the difference between your company taking off and closing its doors. Never make signage an afterthought! Instead, you should incorporate the design of your large scale sign into the initial planning and design stage. Take the time to walk around your site and picture the best sign for your new business.

Your Sign Should Tell A Story

Everything tells a story, and your sign is no different. Think about the kind of business you’re opening: is it a hip clothing chain? Or an upscale restaurant for the well-heeled crowd. Your sign should resonate with its corresponding demographic.

Think of your signage as a calling card

Your brand needs to be powerful. Remember, you’re competing with dozens of other businesses. You’ll also want to factor in the architecture of the surrounding buildings and ensure that your sign flows well with the surrounding landscape.

Cohesion is the name of the game when it comes to telling the story of your brand. With that in mind, you’ll want to consider the neighborhood: is it a conservative part of town, or does it have a hipster vibe? All of these issues will impact sign design for property developers.

You’ll want a company with a combination of design expertise and a solid track record. If you are making a large sign or your development requires multiple signs, you’ll need a full sign service company to help process the administration end of things as well.

Organization is key to a successful project. That includes first-rate prep and scheduling, as well as complying with all codes.

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