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How a Simple Pole Sign Can Boost Your Small Business

By March 17, 2021Blog

With the proliferation of Big Box stores, it can be challenging for a small business to promote its brand. Here’s where a simple pole sign can help. A well-placed pole sign offers heightened visibility and allows your store to be viewed from a distance. Both of these factors can influence a potential customer’s decision to stop in and check out your wares.

A simple pole sign can draw attention to your small business.

What is a Pole Sign?

As the name implies, a pole sign utilizes an uncovered pole to attach its sign to. Pole signs have no cover or decoration, and are an economical way to advertise your small business. These simple signs will elevate your brand and prevent it from getting overshadowed by larger businesses. And because they involve fewer materials and less labor, they are often just the price point for a less established brand.

Placement of Your Pole Sign

Pole signs are especially beneficial near major streets, and along highways, and freeways. The exact height of your pole sign will be decided by your municipal government or county. Pole signs installed on a major roadway, for example, will have fewer height restrictions than poles in a residential neighborhood. In either case, a pole sign that can be seen from the road will give your business a big leg up.

You can customize your pole sign with LED lights to provide maximum visibility and help attract customers, a well as details like decorative elements, and accent lighting. Using weather-resistant materials will ensure that your sign holds up to the elements, including storms, and heat. The sun in particular, can have a damaging effect on your pole sign. Color pigments can break down and have a bleaching effect, which will make your sign look washed out — the last thing you want when you’re trying to boost your brand!

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