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Large Scale Signage Projects That Complement Your Brand Integrity

By February 26, 2021Blog

Nationally-recognized brands are subject to intense scrutiny by the press and customers alike. Any mistakes in your signage design could tarnish your brand reputation. That’s why consistent sign design is extremely critical for nationally-recognized brands. The signs must be on-brand, well-made, and well-maintained. Here’s how Martino Signs approaches large scale sign design for corporate signs.

Understanding the Importance of Signs for Major Companies

We work with a variety of clients who span multiple industries, from churches to hospitals to major restaurant chains. We are committed to exceeding expectations at every stage in the process, from design to manufacturing to installation. Our team understands that your sign is your calling card. Before someone enters your building or purchases your product, corporate signs act as symbols of the quality of your organization. Large scale sign design is our area of expertise, and we know how to make you look good with durable and attractive signs.

Martino Signs installing a large custom sign for AMC.

Types of Large Scale Sign Design Services

No matter the size of the project, we have the skills and tools to handle enormous corporate signs. We know how to mount huge channel lettering to the side of a brick building several stories up. We are proud to offer custom manufacturing to make sure that you get exactly what you need. The Martino Signs team understands the scale of these signs, and we’ll make it easy for you to order and install the signs that are right for your national business. Chains make up a good portion of our customer base, too. It’s absolutely essential that multiple locations under the same brand have corporate signs that look exactly the same. Your brand integrity is at stake!

The Martino Signs team takes sign design very seriously. If you need large scale sign design, please reach out for a consultation. We’d love to help your nationally-recognized company with corporate signs.