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Meet All the Requirements for Emergency Signage

By February 24, 2021Blog

Emergency signage is something you might not think about until you need it. Then, when the fire alarm goes off, or there’s an emergency, it becomes a beacon of hope. Clear signage can help guide people away from danger. It’s important to have emergency signage that is legible and compliant with regulations.

Types of Emergency Signage Necessary for Every Business

No matter your industry or location, you will probably need several types of common emergency signs. The first type is emergency exit indicators. They will glow brightly during the day and night to guide people to the exits. If there’s a fire or other emergency, these signs are intended to show up clearly through the smoke. They are located overhead so that they can be seen over crowds of anxious people.

The next type of emergency signage is emergency instructional signs. You might find these in elevators and other places. They explain what to do in case of an emergency. The placard might include instructions for accessing a speaker or manually unlocking a door. It’s important that these signs be visible and durable so that people under duress can easily understand them. Finally, you might need signs related to fire doors, fire safety, sprinklers, and other directional emergency signage. If your facility has dangerous areas like a mechanical or chemical wing, then there might be specific protocols that must be followed during emergencies. Emergency signage can keep everyone safe during these times by providing clear, visual behavioral guidelines.

Bright, clear signs can help guide people to safety in an emergency.

Follow Requirements for Emergency Signage

It’s important not to get creative with emergency signage. You can get wild and wacky with your storefront sign, but in an emergency, people don’t want to see curly or purple fonts. Stick with legal and industry-standard guidelines for sign placement, size, color, font, and lighting. These guidelines were established based on rigorous testing for visibility to ensure that the majority of people could safely understand the signs and take appropriate steps. Don’t get inventive with your emergency signage! Reds, whites, blacks, and greens are the key colors to communicate emergency information. Our designers know what to do, so don’t worry too much if this information is new to you.

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