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Essential Signage for Gated Communities

By March 24, 2021Blog

Your gated community requires all kinds of signage. This includes signs to point residents and visitors in the right direction, signs that list rules and regulations, and signs that help residents locate amenities, like the pool or gym. Of course, you’ll also want to brand your community with a large monument sign.

Types of Signage for Your Gated Community

A custom monument entrance sign brands your community. In fact, some communities only allow monument signs because they are more durable than signs that are mounted on posts. This reduces the likelihood that they’ll suffer damage due to high winds. Of course, a beautifully designed gated community sign also adds beauty and elegance to your community.

Your gated community also requires other types of signage. These can include “Do Not Litter” signs, signs instructing residents to keep the property clean, “Private Property” signs, and signs outlining noise policy.

Design Custom Signage to Brand Your Community

Custom sign design goes a long way to elevate the appeal and value of your gated community. Signs can be either pre-cast and ready to install, or built on site. Pre-cast monument signs are constructed from high-density expanded polystyrene or foamcore. A protective hard coat finish on these signs ensures superior durability and impact resistance, as well as protection from rot and rust. Foamcore signs can also incorporate stone, stucco, brick, or wood, and use an interval sleeve for mounting.

A monument sign can increase your gated community’s brand.

Monuments that are built on site are also an excellent marketing tool for your gated community. These highly unique signs are designed, constructed, and engineered on site. Monuments signs are most often built using block construction and incorporate elements of wood, brick, or stone, among others.

Regardless of its use, custom sign design, and quality signage, will make your community come to life.

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