Wayfinding Signage to Match Your Brand and Business

Every business owner wants their customers to have a seamless experience. From searching for the right product to locating the restrooms, it’s important to reduce the amount of friction that customers experience. This creates a favorable impression of your company, and it inspires customers to return again and again. Great signage is a powerful way to create this seamless type of experience. Here’s how to use wayfinding signage to create great customer experiences.

Types of Wayfinding Signs Necessary For a Business

Wayfinding is how people find their way. It’s how they pick out your business from all the rest (identification signage). It’s also how they understand where to park, what your hours are, what safety regulations are in place, and what’s available to them to order. Naturally, these signs need to be incredibly clear. In risky industries or locations with extra danger like electrical rooms, it is even more important that wayfinding signage sends a clear message. Think of it this way – If someone were to step into your business tomorrow with no previous knowledge of your company, could they safely avoid dangerous areas and find their way to the restroom without having to ask anyone? That’s wayfinding.

indoor office sign
Wayfinding should be easy. Align the signs with your brand, and impress customers.

Custom Design for Each Sign Purpose

Many owners are tempted to get creative with wayfinding signage. But that’s actually not the best strategy. Not only is it off-brand to use signs with different colors and fonts, but it can actually be dangerous if people can’t interpret the signage. If you use a quirky style, then it could cast doubt on your trustworthiness as a brand. When designing wayfinding signage, we recommend keeping it visually tied to your brand identity. This means color scheme, fonts, and visual language.

Let the experts at Martino Signs help you with wayfinding signage. Reach out today, and we’ll create a visual identity that delivers a safe and seamless experience on-site for your business.