Sloppy Design Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Signage

Yikes, you invested a ton of money in a gorgeous sign, but the installation is crooked! It’s understandable that you might want to save some money by doing a DIY installation. But if it doesn’t go to plan, then you’ve just wasted a ton of money on your sign design and build. Here are the signage mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

Worst Offenders in Sloppy Design

The first category of signage mistakes is about installation. Even if you start off with a great sign, it can still go wrong during installation if you don’t know what you’re doing. One of the sloppiest mistakes is mounting a sign off-center or crooked. You could have the most beautiful sign in the world, but if it’s not level, then it will give off an unprofessional appearance. Worse, it could look like it’s level at first, but slowly slip into a crooked state as the months pass. Installation problems must be avoided if you want your signage to do its job properly. Experts can help you avoid these problems.

The next category of problem is the actual sign design. Whether it’s indoor wayfinding signage (like a bathroom sign) or a large external marquee, every type of sign has different design rules. When a sign is too busy, it can be difficult to understand. This makes the business look disorganized and overwhelmed. On the other hand, inconsistency from sign to sign can be just as detrimental. It’s important to have a signage strategy that balances cohesiveness with flexibility so that you can avoid these classic signage mistakes.

sign installation
Sloppy design mistakes are costly and time-consuming to fix.

How to Ensure Consistent and Powerful Signage

The solution is simple: work with one company for every phase, from design and creation, to installation and maintenance. This ensures high quality throughout the entire process. After all, it’s okay if you don’t know a lot about signage. That’s our job.

Hire us to help you avoid these signage mistakes. We can make your business stand out in all the right ways. Ready to get started?