Interior Uses for Flush Mounted Channel and Pin Lettering

The boldest style of lettering is a flush-mounted channel and pin style of lettering. This type of signage can be used on the exterior of your storefront, and also in the interior. This can be especially impactful if the interior signage duplicates the exterior style. Here’s how you can make a splash with interior channel lettering.

Mirror the Inside and Outside of Your Business

Consistency of signage is a great way to impress your customers. If you’re bold on the outside, continue this style on the inside. Take the style of your storefront channel lettering and repeat it for interior directional signage. When you repeat the same lettering, style, font, color, and materials throughout your space, you help increase brand identity and awareness. This small design choice can have a big impact on customer engagement and brand recognition.

indoor plate sign
Make sure your indoor signage looks as good as your outdoor signage.

Pin Letters for Wayfinding Signage

Use pin letters for directional and wayfinding signs in the interior of your shop or office. Flush mounted pin lettering is an effective and elegant way to mark restrooms, departments, changing rooms, registers, conference rooms, or private offices. Keep in mind that if you’re updating one type of signage in one part of your business, you should probably update it everywhere. Otherwise, you’re sending mixed messages to your visitors. Your marquee may be new and bold, which says that you’re hip with the times. But if your bathroom signage is outdated and grungy, your customers will lose trust in your brand.

Do yourself a favor and update your signage this month. It’s what’s on the inside that counts, right? Have your interior directional signage done properly, and your business will reap the benefits.

Reach out to Martino Signs to get started. We’re experts in interior channel lettering, fabrication, installation, maintenance, and more. If you need assistance with sign design, we’d be happy to help you with a strategy, a sign, and a smile.