Importance of Clear, Consistent Directional Signage

Nobody has time to decipher confusing signs. This is especially true if they’re running late or if you provide an urgent service. That’s where clear directional signage comes in. By using great signs to help people understand how to get what they need, you can improve customers’ perceptions of your business. Sounds like a good investment, right? It might be the best investment you can make in the future of your business.

Confusing Directional Signage is The Fastest Way to Turn Off a Customer

You’ve spent months and years perfecting your business. You feel incredibly confident in what you sell, and now it’s time to deliver it to your customers. However, when they arrive at your place of business, unclear signage prevents them from understanding if you’re even open. Where do they park? Do you have bathrooms? The second someone gets frustrated with your signage is the second you lose their business. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste! Guide them seamlessly to your business, facility, or event. This will greatly enhance their experience and enjoyment, which will reflect positively on your brand.

outdoor totem sign
Outdoor signs are only part of a great signage strategy. You also need directional signage.

How to Make Your Directional Signage Clear

Ultimately, signs exist to deliver information. They can be works of art, but their primary purpose is to concisely provide information. This needs to be your guiding factor when it comes to directional signage. If a complete stranger entered your business tomorrow, could they find their way around? That’s the measure you should use to evaluate your signage. Make sure it’s clear what is available and which direction to go. Give only the necessary information on the sign. Then, make sure the sign is visually consistent with your brand image.

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