How to Create a Great Signage Strategy for Your Business

No matter what you sell, you need great signs. Why? Because the quality of your product isn’t enough to get people in the door. This is true even if you have the highest-quality product. Signage is the key to great marketing. It tells customers that you invest in your business. Here’s how to create the right signage strategy for your business.

The Importance of a Sign Strategy

There are many different signs to choose from, and they all have different purposes. Some are intended for short-term advertising, whereas others, like your marquee, will accompany you through many years of doing business. Ultimately, your sign strategy needs to account for these different purposes. Some of your signs will stay the same over the years, whereas others will change to reflect your business growth. Make sure you have a plan to stay consistent with your signs for any events and/or promotions you run. Consistency in signage reflects consistency in business, after all.

outdoor monument sign by Martino Signs
Your sign strategy should support your business strategy with consistent, pleasing visuals.

Martino Sign Program

Sign management is for serious business owners. We’ve all seen that local shop with a wonky-looking sandwich board outside that’s seen better days. The foundation of your signage strategy needs to be sign management.

The Martino Sign Program is the best way to take care of your signs. Think of it as an investment. You’d never buy a car and then let it rust away or never take it to a mechanic. Our sign management program includes various services designed to keep your sign looking its best: survey signage, installation schedule, regular servicing, and repairs. When your signs look professional, you look professional, too.

Ready for help with a signage strategy? Reach out to Martino Signs and we’ll create a plan to elevate your business to the next level. We look forward to helping you and your business succeed with great signs.