Emergency Signs for Hospitals and Essential Companies

We specialize in making signs for emergency hospitals and essential companies. Signs help you find what you need when you need it. It’s part of our belief that a good design can support frontline workers. Here’s how we bring high-quality signs to essential companies and hospitals.

Requirements for Emergency Signage

It’s not enough to simply fabricate a sign that says “Emergency Room Here.” Designing an effective sign is a balance between placement, sizing, lighting, font, and more. The purpose of emergency signs is to provide a clear and immediate announcement for people in need. It’s also a reflection on the quality of the institution. A well-designed, well-lit sign tells the world that people of quality work here. It sets the expectation that great service is found with this organization. If the sign does these things, then it’s meeting the key requirements for emergency signage.

A glowing urgent care sign on a building.
Emergency signs need to be clear, durable, and made to regulation.

Types of Emergency Signage

If you’re not an essential worker, then you may never have seen certain types of emergency signs. That’s because these signs are typically located in areas where casual consumers do not visit. For instance, there are often signs in restricted areas where dangerous equipment can be found. These are important both for keeping the public out, but also for keeping workers safe.

Locations with energized electrical equipment need clear, visible signage to warn visitors. In loud areas with dangerous machinery, signs help prepare visitors so they can protect their ears and eyes. It’s also critical to have signs in places with hazardous materials or other potential dangers in the surrounding area.

Emergency signs need to comply with rules and regulations, and they also need to be clear and effective. This means design, installation, and maintenance. Contact Martino Signs to work with the best in the business. We’re committed to producing great signs that keep your workers and the general public safe.