Design Tips for Channel and Pin Lettering

The first choice you need to make when selecting signage for your business is whether to go for channel lettering or pin lettering. Of course, experts in the sign industry can and will help you make the right choice. But this article will help you understand the basic differences between the two. Each type has different benefits. The right choice will depend on your particular business, industry, and the location where the sign will be mounted. Here’s what you need to know.

Difference Between Channel and Pin Lettering

Channel lettering is a style that allows you to light up the letters. Naturally, this type of sign is perfect for exteriors. It can help make your business’s name legible in the dark or in rainy weather. It’s also a nice touch if you want to communicate a bit of resilience and spark in your branding. Light-up lettering stands out from the rest. Another option is pin lettering. This style is installed with pins. You can use many of the same fonts and colors with both styles, and both are elegant and versatile. Now that you know the basics of each style, you can speak with a sign designer intelligently before making a decision.

toyota sign by Martino Signs
Choose a lettering style that aligns with your brand and suits the building.

Making Lettering Legible

You’d never hire a barista to design an office building, right? It’s not to say that baristas aren’t smart and capable, but simply that it’s essential to hire someone with specific training. The same concept applies to sign design. You may not have realized that sign design is a specialized skill. But there are several important things you’ll need to consider when choosing signage for your building. An expert sign designer can help. First, you’ll need to consider the building façade to see if pin lettering will work. Choose colors that are contrasting to the building materials for the best effect. After all, brown letters easily blend into brick, and your customers won’t be able to find your business. Raceway mount is the solution for channel lettering, which can ensure a contrasting background to help the letters stand out.

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