Complete Directional Signage Management Program for Hospitals

There’s nothing more terrifying than driving up to a hospital with an injured person and not knowing where to go for help. Hospital signs are critical for providing clear and quick information to people in urgent need. Not only do these directional signs need to be up to date, but they need to be maintained so that people can always understand them. Here’s what complete directional signs look like for hospitals, from installation to maintenance.

Your Guide to Practical, Professional Directional Signage for Hospitals

There are some best practices when it comes to designing hospital signs. The most basic principle is legibility. It is absolutely essential that designers do not get flowery when designing signs for essential services. That often means san serif fonts with appropriate spacing between the letters. It also means that the sign needs to be positioned at a height that all drivers will be able to see. Hospital signs are typically illuminated in order to provide quick information no matter how rainy or dark it is outside.

emergency signage by Martino Signs
The quality of hospital signs can mean the difference between life and death.

Directional Signage Management Program

Once you’ve installed the signs, the job isn’t over. Just like nurses and doctors work all night, your sign needs to work all night, too. We have programs for all types of signs, but we also have a special management program for directional signs at hospitals. It’s the only way to ensure that the signs are up to date and maintained. We can help hospitals make a plan to staying on top of hospital additions so that signage is always correct. It’s also critical to keep signs clean and maintained so that the power never goes out in an emergency.

Overall, it’s important to have a strategy for directional signage for hospitals to ensure safety. Are you confident in your plan? If not, reach out to Martino Signs for a consultation. Whether you need hospital signs, installation help, or a maintenance plan, we’ve got you covered.